Replace milk with Hemp Milk. 
img-9399_origHemp Milk is the new trend people. It tastes even better than milk, and it doesn’t expire as quickly! 

If you’re looking to improve your metabolism, digestion and balances hormones you have found your match. Hemp seeds are natural, and don’t have added bad hormones.


 When you drink cow’s milk, you are drinking the hormones that gets injected in them, and even the cows natural stress hormones… YUCK!

Dairy causes hormone imbalances which is why it is a big factor in causing break outs. Plus, if you drink hemp milk a baby calf doesn’t have to be taken away from its mother!

If you are looking for a proteinlook no further. Hemp seeds are known as the “perfect protein” by containing 20 amino acids! It even has 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot make. Find out more benefits of Organic Hemp Milk like strengthening your immune system. 

I think we can all agree now that ditching cow’s milk for Hemp Milk is the way to go.

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