Every home should be stocked with a bottle or two. It is great to drink with cranberry juice, wash your hair with, help with breakouts and so much more.

I put ACV and water in a spray bottle to use it on my hair and face. My hair used to be extremely greasy when I ate dairy products, once I used ACV it helped my scalp’s pH go back to normal. It also gets the excess buildup of hairspray and products out of your hair. You can add more water depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Bathing in Apple Cider Vinegar with epsom salts is one of my favorite things. Skin and hair always feel great after. I know people who have also used it on warts, it works so well! The wart turns black and falls off.

When I had a nail fungus from a nail salon, I spent tons of money on nail fungus products. One day I decided to soak it in ACV, it turned black and went away!

I found Home Goods just started carrying Apple Cider Vinegar pills. So if you don’t like the taste or it’s too hard on your skin you can always try the pill option!


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