“People eat meat and think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.”

A lot of people wonder, is it healthy not to eat meat? Will my energy go down? The answer is no. We are not meant to be meat eaters. We are herbivores, plant eaters. This very compelling lecture made me even happier I decided to go pescetarian. 

I never thought about going vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian because I thought it would be hard to completely cut out meat or chicken. I suddenly went cold turkey when I watched a couple of videos showing the horrific parts of the food industry. I couldn’t even eat a chicken without picturing the horrible videos I had watched.

To think that you’ve eaten an animal that was abused, beaten, and lived in fear is very sobering.

Why make a life miserable and in pain just to fill your stomach for a couple of hours? I not only stopped eating meat and chicken but I stopped buying GMO food and other unhealthy fake foods. Should you try a pescetarian diet? 

Transition to pescetarian is an easy way to transition into becoming a vegetarian or vegan. There are still a lot of menu items you can eat like fish and eggs.  What can pescetarians eat?

As said earlier, most people won’t stop eating meat because they think their health will decrease. But your health will actually get better. If you didn’t watch the professors lecture, he said our bodies aren’t made to process meat so thats why a lot of people get blood clots. Being pescetarian also helps our environment and planet. This link states that one pound of beef requires 2,500 gallons of water! Click to read more benefits: 5 reasons to become pescetarian

There are a lot of perks to eating healthy but the biggest perk for me has been extra energy. Surprisingly I have had more energy than I have ever had. I got mono in high school and ever since then I feel like I’ve never been back to normal. Ever since I’ve switched to eating more pure and pescetarian my energy levels have skyrocketed. Perks

Some people may need to slowly transition into becoming pescetarian. It is hard because we are so used to ordering things and not even noticing theirs bacon on it or chicken in it. For about a week when I first got started I kept asking the waiter/waitress for things like a quesadilla or soups that had chicken in it. My boyfriend would always look at me with a confused look. After about a week I got used to looking to see if things had meat in it. I was even surprised when most of the vegetarian options were yummier than options with beef or chicken. Getting Started

Now it makes me happy to think about the animals who don’t have to suffer for my meals.


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